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Warframe is an action role-playing game. This third-person shooter game was developed and published by Digital Extremes. The release date is March 2013, but the developers continue to update the game on a regular basis. Warframe PC download coming out with exciting gameplay and good graphics. You can play Warframe game on the computer with Windows platform or download Warframe on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Visuals: 5 stars

The game was designed in a sci-fi manner to fully immerse you in the interplanetary war atmosphere. Each planet or moon was made to be as similar as possible to what they look like in real life. For example, the surface of Mars is orange, and Saturn has dangerous rings that can damage your spaceship. Also, it has realistic animations and primary a dark ambient. Overall, Warframe game online and offline has decent graphics. 

Gameplay: 5 stars

The Warframe review shows that the game has features from different game genres including shooters, role-playing games, and stealth. Therefore, it’s hard to carry the game to only one category. The gameplay immerses you in an exciting store of the invented race of ancient warriors — Tenno. They used to cryosleep for centuries, but now the warriors awake take part in the interplanetary war with different units. As a player, you need to control one of the Tenno characters that you have created before. 

Warframe game download has the name of the fraction for which you will fight. It provides you with basic weapons such as guns and sidearms, special unique abilities, and a ship. After you decide on the character, you can proceed with the missions. Their complexity increases as you progress through the game. The Warframe free to play game requires you to complete missions across the various planets and moons in our Solar system. You can alone or with friends via a multiplayer mode. 

Sound: 3 stars

The developers selected a very unusual approach to the sounds choosing in Warframe free download. They differ depending on what planet or moon you are on. Of course, there are sounds that are played in the background. In spite of this, in general, the quality of sound accompaniment is average. There are moments where it seems that the music is outdated, crunchy and sounds like an old song on the low-quality mp3. The official game’s forum has a branch where the users discuss the sounds. 

Worth Replaying? — 5 stars

Overall, Warframe download PC game tells an interesting story about the Tenno race. Also, the game has decent visuals and not bad sounds. It is available in 14 different languages and combines several game genres like action, shooter and role-playing. You can play the game alone via a single-player mode or with friends via multiplayer mode. It is interesting to complete the missions together! And the game is really worthed to play again!


The Warframe gameplay is unique and interesting. The game was designed for all who like space battles and to know the story about ancient races. It combines several genres and has a high rank on Steam. The Warframe is a free to play game, but there is additional content that you can purchase to extend your abilities in the game. You can play it with your friends on the computer, Play Station 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch platforms. 


  • Exciting gameplay;
  • Free to play;
  • Two modes: single-player and multi-player;
  • Available to play on for platforms. 


  • Additional content is not cheap; 
  • There are no Warframe Android or Warframe iOS versions. 

The Bottom Line

Warframe is an excellent shooter video game. You can download Warframe on the computer or other platform and have a fun!

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